Monday, December 13, 2010

Balthazar's/Tziporah Salamon/SNOW!

Anyone who knows anyone who knows anything knows that Balthazar's French Restaurant on Spring St in SoHo is the place to be for brunch on a Sunday morning.But becuase Marc was preoccupied with being a film star all weekend, thus ruining perfect Sunday brunch plans(they usually book out up to 3months ahead), we were able to secure a table for Monday breakfast. Balthazar's, if you haven't heard of it, is a French bistro de Patissiere on Spring St in SoHo. The interior decor of Belle Epoque in the Emporium back home is somewhat reminiscent, but it doesn't quite retain the same air of French eloquence. Although the waitstaff were, perhaps, a little overly attentive...the general organisation of management is commendable. Balthazar's served the best coffee I've had in New York (justifying the hefty $5.20 price per cup), and my dish was like heaven had betrothed me a miracle. Hazlenut Waffle delicately baked to crispy perfection pf crust, served with a light sour cream and warm berries marinated in juices. Food envy? Jealousy would explain why Marc was in bitterness over his eggs benedict. I make all the right decisions in life.
While M&M took tours of cultural buildings...I mosied around SoHo a while longer to see what I could find. I found the scientific artstore Evolution on Spring st which specialises in taxidermy and skeletal accessories. They even sell raccoon willy bones. Delicious. Despite connecting to his WiFi around the same area...I couldn't find Marc Jacobs which was tres poo. I then went on a mission to the Issey Miyake Concept Store...which literally was a mission walk from SoHo to Tribeca. On the way I found Rick Owens and needed to kill time so I sampled some of his winter collection sale. He has these weird bagged out leather collars which are a bit uncomfortable to wear, and aside from the shoes, there wasn't much left that was impressive. Keep trekking down to N Moore st and you will come across a building which catches your eye because of its sophisticated design and utilization of desolate industrial space. Displayed on suspended mannequins in the windows are pieces from his stunning 1.3.2 collection which is inspired by chrystalisation and origami. And from there his store falls short of nothing less than amazing. I was surprised that they didn't have the APOC concept instore...where you could cut your own garments from rolls of fabric. But forgivable.

I couldn't shop for long as Marc and I were fortunate enough to be granted some of Tziporah Salamon's time to film one of her dress up shows and talk to her about the essence of style. The woman is an eccentric but entirely lovable doll. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with her in her apartment on Upper West, where we filmed a really great interview and she showed us some of her amazing clothing collection. I can't say much more on it, except that my cheek temples literally ache from smiling so much (you can't help but smile when you talk to her). Keep your eyes open for an article on RaraCurio's Latest Cry by the end of Janurary.

To top off a near perfect day, it actually legit started snowing when we left Tziporah's late in the evening. It was so beautiful, you can't even imagine how amazing it felt to see snow for the first time in your life, IN New York, after that interview. Luxe.

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