Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Met!

We woke up and it was RAINING LIKE CRAZYTOWN with wind and chills and all kinds of horrible puddles in the cobbled stone roads. Perfect day for indoor activity…

Considering the many hundreds of discarded, destroyed and tangled umbrellas…I didn´t even bother using one because I know mine is only flimsy, so I braved the weather in my chic pants and beret. We made our way up to Upper East to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art…and I cannot even contain myself, the Met the most amazing thing I have ever seen or could ever imagine exist in the world. We spent over 4 hours there, I got lost many times but it still was no where near enough time to explore culture in the world over its expansive floor space and levels of discovery.
I have decided that I would like to collect the art of Chuck Close in my French Renaissance d├ęcor house, pioneer civilization like the American pilgrims, dress myself by mood each morning with a wardrobe akin to the archived periodical costume collection, aquire the wisdom of the great Japanese monks and then die happy, buried with dignity in a tomb like the Ancient Egyptians. The Met is just…out of this world amazing. Visual orgasm, get-in-my-pants-history-of-cultural-and-social-development amazing.

I am so pissed off, I didn´t know you could take photos. But I wouldn´t have wanted to review today behind a lens anyway. Perhaps I will go back before I leave.

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