Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally, a slice of decent cake

So by the end of your trip, you kind of realize that you barely have any money left, and you feel like you haven't seen everything in perspective. This is me on my second last day, literally rationing out the dimes trying to find another way to see Manhattan. It is an obscure experience.

Anyway, something that was on my list of things to do, but then kind of got discarded in the flurry of shopping was to catch a boat (ferry) out to Staten Island, which is off the east coast. It only takes 25mins or so to get there, and is free. It feels a bit dodgy at first, because the boat is seemingly as big as the Titanic and it doesn't feel safe cramming 1000 people on it. But it isn't so bad. The journey takes you out over the eastern ocean so you can see the Statue of Liberty, and also has a really cool view of the three islands aligned: Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey. Statan Island itself is a bit of a shithole, there is nothing there to see and the cafeteria staff are impossible (one girl had to explain to me why their coffee machine wasn't switched on at 1 in the afternoon. HELLO? Beyond any kind of comprehension as to why). But there are some nice fish tanks in the terminal I suppose.

So on safe ground in Manhattan again, I ventured to find Margiela. It was my duty to friends back home to step foot in that magical place, and after a couple of cab rides and wrong street turns, I eventually found it at some non-descript address on Greenwhich St. Excuse me for being smug, but I did actually have the pleasure of a delightful sales assistant who allowed me to try on every piece from the new Spring Summer collection, and yes, it was gorg. I was curious to see how that collection would translate into something wearable, considering everything on the catwalk had a piece of cardboard behind it. I couldn't break the trust by taking photos of the store, but trust me, it was a wicked experience (also, the change rooms have heated carpet on the floors...).

I came home and the boys had bought a cheesecake. I don't normally like cheesecake, but Junior's is actually the most amazing thing you could ever put in your mouth. Like eating a slightly warm, ice-creamy textured cloud of happiness. That is Junior's Cheesecake. Best way to end the trip.

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