Friday, December 3, 2010

Just....give me directions to Prada please

I felt so confident after getting lost at the Met, that I wandered off and spent the day with myself. Started the day with a coffee and a bagel…there is a super cute cafĂ© near my closest subway called Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company. The guys who work there are super nice, and despite no one in America actually knows how to serve a bagel going LIGHTLY on the cream cheese, their coffee made up for it. Sew Good.
I walked up to the Fabric District bright and early because I knew I´d be spending at least a few hours there. First on my list was Mood, naturally, where I got swatches of a few different types of fabric blends I am interested in using for my graduate collection. I found some really amazing double faced cashmere for a sweet price, and I like the weight of it, which would suit the type of simplistic construction path of tailoring I am conceptualizing at this stage.
I also stumbled across an insanely crazy fabric store called Fabric Garden which specialized in insanely crazy ornamented fabrics, huzzah. Not that the pricetags could actually justify embellishing a bit of polyster with some sequins, but it would be fun for party costuming I guess. I came across it trying to find a store which specialized in tailoring materials and fabrics (satorialist guys, eat your hearts out at Beckenstein Men´s Fabrics on West 39th). En route, I found a silk house which specialized in pleated silk…so I also grabbed a business card for any future references.
Feeling accomplished, I felt the necessity of treating myself to some Prada after that increadibly superstitious dream I had the other night where Prada released their SS11 range of footwear and I beat Deb Quinn to be the first in Brisbane to acquire a pair from the collection. The Fashion and Garment district runs from 7th Av to Broadway, so after trawling a few streets and checking the Prada address and then happening to be ON Broadway, I thought it would be a cinch to wander down to the store (note…Broadway addresses at the Fashion District start at like…number 1120, Prada is number 575 Broadway…). Delusional. An hour and 15mins later, bothered, cold, hungry, needing to pee and lost in SoHo, I actually found myself BEGGING passers by to give me the directions to Prada. By this point my expectations of the store were pretty damn high, so lucky to you, Micciua, that your store is UHMAZING. I once heard someone married a momument…well I´d marry this store. Hello 2 levels of decadence and sophisticated beauty, yes sir you may cloak my jacket and large noob camera upon entrance. The main store feature, aside from the change rooms that frost up when in use, was a skate-bowl like arena with mannequins fashioning the Spring collection in large golden frames. Downeth thy stairs of heaven thou treadth into the depthful maze of womenswear, whose aisles are tread by the elite and AMEX husbands (literally, some decadent bitch was just trawling through the racks with her husband behind her, who was pulling out pieces to which she replied ´honey I already HAVE that one, it should be arriving tomorrow…´)
I had to visit the menswear on behalf of my elegantly refined companions at home…and gentlemen, you would be pleased to know I would never sell you a linted pair of tweed pants from a rack, unlike some (although extremely attractive) unattentive Prada employees.

I learnt my lesson from walking 40 blocks unnecessarily, so managed my way home on a transport mechanism called a SUB-WAAAAAY. Legit professional. Back home just in time to deck out in some RWB for the Arts Initiatives cocktail launch on Upper East. By the way, where is my hubby with an AMEX? You can put this dazzling number on it for a sheer $400 000 thank you and please. I will take some more Moet et Chandon too. The launch was amazing…I literally died being in the presence of so much glamour.

The night´s progression is a bit of a blur after the champagne and that ring…but I know I had an amazing dessert at ???? some amazing asian place.
Such a good day.

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