Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Madness

Marc, Mark and I woke up super early to get to the Thanksgiving Parades and say Hi to Kylie gal for Australia....we actually got incredibly bored after about 20mins and left to wander up to Times Square after lunch. By the time we neared there, the crowds began to dissipate after the parade concluded, and so we absorbed the mass swarm of millions of people sitting on the red Australian Designed steps at Times Square. It was probably one of the most breathtaking of experiences.... But admittedly, I am glad nobody opened shot that day :)

We made a super yummy turkey and ratatouille for late lunch/dinner and got super drunk off Jacobs Creek Australian Shiraz before starting Thanskgiving shopping at Gap at 12am. It was so cold. The boys bought out half the store and I bought nothing because I was sleepy and cold and after another costume change and dumping bags at home, Mark and I went back out to Macy's at 3am where I bought out half of M.A.C and purchased some sweet little wedge heels in purple, silver and black. We actually got home at around 6.30am, crashed for abotu 4hrs and then went back out to shop some more. The boys spent like 7hours pickign socks, and I spent 20mins spending $200 at Zara...but we got home in one piece looking fabulous.

I fucking love Barney's. You have NO IDEA how amazing that department store is. Mark and I would spend 20mins on each desigenr section analysing the detail and construciton of each garment...soooooo amazing. We have to go back tomorrow to finish off anaysing the 3rd floor, as poor Marc fell asleep waiting for us.

Anyway, definately time for a good rest.
I miss you all, and am thoughtfully keeping my eyes open for little trinkets which remind me of you.
I bought Norty J a pair of chinos, somoene tell him I love him please....I assume his phone still doesn't work, he works too much to access internet, and is never home to answer the landline. But boy I miss him.


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