Sunday, November 28, 2010

Battery Park

With slightly heavy heads from a fantastic night before, Marc and I ventured down to Battery Park and the World Trade Centre site after a long sleep in. There is a really big memorial there for the victims of September 11, in a church next to a massive graveyard site. I was particularly interested in spending a lot of time there to build concept research, however it was late afternoon and the church was closing so we wandered down to Battery Park and the sights of the Financial District (uber boring). Again, we’d picked the perfect time of the day for sightseeing architecture and landscapes, and the lighting from the sunset at Battery Park produced some photos of brilliant quality of objects like the Statue of Liberty as well as the city docking bays.
I will have to go back down to that area of Manhattan to spend more time at the memorial site. I´m also quite interested to see whose skins and bones are buried in the cemetery.

Marc and I attended dinner with the girls at a Japanese Restaurant on 8th Av down the road from their hostel. All I had was Tempura Shrimp, and unfortunately felt the uneasiness of food poisoning.

I can´t believe it has been a week and I´ve not seen any celebrities…boo!

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