Monday, November 22, 2010

New York I am in you

12hours after departing home on 3hours sleep over a week, I flew into an LA sunrise and was pleasantly surprised that Customs let me into the country. My officer was even more excited than i was to stamp my virgin international passport... but then, after sitting next to a melodramatic for 12 hours who was convinced she had developed kidney failure in the course of the flight, I think I can be excused for being less - than - cheery.
I flew into JFK 8 hours later, and had a sleek 7hour nap at home on 25th. Our apartment is cute. Our landlord is a bit dodgy.... we had to change apartment locations because the other one had bedbugs, and at our new address, we are staying there 'as friends' of his.
within 17mins of being in New York, someone propositioned me on the street. I call him Crazy Eye, and he calls me Lucy. He's a freakazoid, but I play nice.
I had a premonition dream.... Prada released their shoes from the Spring Summer collection, and I had a pair before Deb Quinn, win. I wish.

I can't count American coins, they all look the same. I can't get my head around driving on the right side of the road. I can't get my head around the power switches and locks. But I can hail a cab!

Today Marc and I strolled through the Meatpacking district, and I 'stumbled' into McQueen. I die. More updates and photos later. He also taught me how to use the subway, and on my first train a bunch of hipsters broke out into boombox and impromteau breakdance on the train, which was tres cool. We then met up with Mark and made our way to Columbus Circle for lunch, where there is an exhibition of Dali sculptures and rare sketches. I wish I could fit $15 999 in my budget to buy one....alas.
We spent the afternoon exploring Central Park which was beautiful at the 3pm sunset. Marc wanted to walk all the way up to the Resovoir, and then bailed on the Strand bookstoe, so Mark and I continued our way there and I gave my credit card a good workout qith books and shoes.

Anywho, starbucks is kicking me favourite song is playing, Hallelujah, I don't want to leave til it finishes.

til the next post, mss you all, wisihng you were here, photos soon

adios amigos x

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